Canine Country Club, Inc.

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306 Cox Avenue     Hattiesburg Mississippi     601.268.1999


Services Offered & Prices

**All prices subject to change and may vary.  Call for current prices.

Boarding Rates


*Reminder:  All boarding rates are from the time you drop off until noon the following day.*

Cats:     $12+/day 

Dogs:    $13+/day (small dogs-up to 15 lbs.)

                  $15+/day (med dogs-16 to 35 lbs.)

              $17+/day (large dogs-36 to 85 lbs. or indoor/outdoor run)

              $19+/day (extra large dogs-86+ lbs)

*Pit-bulls, pit-mixes, chows and breeds known to be aggressive with other animals or people are a liability on our insurance coverage. There is a $2/day surcharge for boarding.

*Un-neutered males or un-spayed females will include a $2/day surcharge.

*Boarding charges do not include food. Feed charges of $2.00 or more per day may apply if owner does not bring their pets own food. 


Grooming Rates

**All prices subject to change and may vary. Call for current prices.


Cats:     $35 and up     (depends on size of cat, length of hair)

Dogs:    $30 and up     (small dogs-up to 15 lbs.)

              $35-40 and up     (med dogs- 16 to 40 lbs.)

              $45+     (large dogs- over 40 lbs.)             

*Grooming rates may vary due to amount of coat, length of coat, condition of coat (i.e. matted, dirty, etc.)


Grooming Discounts for Regular Customers


**Regular customers receive a grooming discount as long as you keep your monthly grooming appointments!  This allows us to have a variety of dogs for our grooming students to see and learn about.


Daycare Services


Hot Meals- Chicken or Turkey & Rice w/ Gravy   $3/meal

Supervised Swim Lesson-  $10/30 minutes, or $15/hour

Supervised Socialization/Playtime- $5/1/2 hour, $8/hour


Pet Taxi                                          Pet Massage

Pet-Taxi:  One Way- $20+; Round-Trip $35+           Pet Massage: $10+ for 15 minutes, $15+ for 30 minutes

**All prices subject to change based on fuel prices, etc.  Call for prices.  

We will be glad to pick you up in our Pet Taxi. 



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