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* Master Level Obedience Training * We can train any dog, any age * * Three levels of training * Free Consultations * We only use positive reinforcement * Have the best behaved dog in the neighborhood * 

You can have the best behaved dog on the block with Canine Country Club's Master Level Training.  

 Over 50 Years Combined Training Experience

At Canine Country Club our Master Level Trainers have over 50 years combined experience successfully training all types of dogs... ranging from small lap dogs to large breeds.

What makes Canine Country Club training different? 

We use advanced techniques to train your dog.  Your pet will listen, mind your commands, and still have fun... all while maintaining their personality and of course, still having fun. 

We use positive reinforcement, followed by repetition. 

  • We reward with praise and believe with time. all things are possible, even with the most challenging dog. 
  • Patience, repetition, reward, praise, repeat. 
  • That is the Canine Country Club training method. 

Obedience Training

Don't forget, we are located on 5 acres with a 2 1/2 acre pond for your pet to enjoy while learning our advanced obedience techniques. 

Level One Obedience Training          $600.

This level is designed to take 10 days. By the end of this training, your dog will learn to Sit, Stay, Come and Heel.  They will learn a hand signal, a verbal command and a tug on the lead, as well as the 'No' word with each command. 

Level Two Obedience Training          $700.

This level is designed to take at least 7 days.  By the end of this training, your dog will learn to Heel Off-Lead, automatically Sit whenever you stop walking, Stay in a standing and/or laying down position. 


Level Three Obedience Training       $750.

This level is mostly for Field Trial.  It is designed to take at least 10 days and gives you the maximum level of control over your dog.

**The prerequisites are Level One and Level Two with at least a 1 month interval between training levels.

Obedience Star: Seymour Abell

Watch as Seymour learns and grows through Canine Country Club's Master Level Obedience Training. 

Seymour's Master Level Training Part I

Seymour Abell is just a one-year old puppy, even though he looks like a grown dog.  His parents knew he needed guidance and training and they entrusted Canine Country Club to train their canine kid. 

At Canine Country Club, Seymour stayed with us and learned to listen, wait for instructions, and keep his attention focused on his handler.

Seymour's Master Level Training Part II

Seymour's Master Level Training Part III

Seymour has mastered being off leash. 

Watch as he goes off leash and follows his trainers commands.  Even one-year-old puppies growing into adult dogs can learn obedience.

Keep your dog safe. 
Teaching your dog obedience, such as Woah, can keep your pet safe.  Trust your pet's safety to the Master Level Trainers at Canine Country Club.


Other commands taught at any level for no extra charge include:

Down   (if your dog jumps up on people)

Off       (if your dog jumps up on furniture)

Quiet   (if your dog barks incessantly)

WOAH! Going out

WOAH! Coming in

**To 'WOAH!' means to Drop Everything and SIT!!

Woah Going Out is designed to stop a dog from making a beeline towards traffic.

Woah Coming In has the same purpose, but is designed for when the dog is coming towards you.


Free Dog Obedience/Dog Training Consultation:

If you have any further questions about training or behavior problems such as housebreaking, excitement, wetting, submissive urination, teething, biting, aggression towards other dogs, aggression towards people, shyness, skittishness, and/or anything in between, call for a free assessment/consultation:

(601) 268-1999.

Our Master Level Trainers are ready to help you in having the best behaved dog on the block. 


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