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Essential Oil Grooming Products 


The essence of every good grooming experience at Canine Country Club in Hattiesburg, MS begins with a relaxing bath. To accommodate this, the finest essential-oil based shampoos have to first be selected, as well as similar conditioners.

What are pharmaceutical grade oils?

First, to find pharmaceutical grade oils, you should deal with a company that imports at least $20,000.00 worth of oil per month. This assures that they can get pure medicinal-grade oils.  Next, a thorough understanding of essential oils is required. Here at the CCC we not only use these “Miracles of Nature” but also teach our students in our own ground grooming school, to be able to use them as well.


Essential-oil properties to soothe your pet

The oils that we select possess properties ranging from sedative qualities for “nervous dogs” to a whole list holistic benefits such as

  • Antifungal for skin
  • Sedative qualities for nervous dogs
  • Seasonal skin issues

Essential-Oils do not have side effects like harsh chemicals
Oils are beneficial not only because they possess no adverse affects, but they also abound with positive ones.


Using essential-oils for seasonal skin issues, not chemicals

The amazing “Neem Tree” from Africa.  The Mississippi equivalent would be the China Berry Tree, which was decimated in hurricane Camille, back in 1969. 


Neem Oil's healing properties

Neem Oil is derived from the leaves, twigs and flowers,  The positive effects of Neem Oil are too numerous to mention.  Neem supports liver function, as well as heart, lungs, brain, kidney, stimulaties cell regeneration, treats skin, coat, nails ,eyes, and on and on.

The Neem Association of California, says that, “Neem oil may be the most beneficial oil ever.” 

Frequency and megahertz of your animals: 

One benefit that all of the oils we use, share in common, is their frequency. The frequency of oils is measured in megahertz. A healthy dog’s frequency may be measured at 100 megahertz. When the dog’s frequency drops, then disease can follow, and at very low rates, cancer can ensue.  

When essential-oils are applied as shampoos, rinses, and conditioners, the oils raise the frequency of the dogs, and can even break the “brain-cell membrane” barrier.

Essential Oil treatments can actually make your pet healthier

Smelling fine and divine

Another benefit of these oils, is their amazing smells! These are not perfumes! But their natural aromas, which of themselves contain medicinal properties, smell luscious. Not “perfumed”, but rather, fresh and clean.

Ask your groomer, are you using ordinary soap on my pet - my best friend?

The practice of using dishwashing detergent, or other harsh soaps or shampoos “as others do” doesn’t fly here at the Club.


With our essential-oil products, your dogs leave:

  • Invigorated,
  • Relaxed, and
  • Generally healthier than before they came in to CCC.

We sometimes use several different types of oils to treat one particular dog.

Up to $10 worth of essential-oils on your pet...

for FREE. 

We do not charge extra for our shampoos, even though a large dog may receive $10 or more in oils, during his bath. 

Compare the CCC investment to the pennies spent by most places using harsh soaps or shampoos on our beloved pet. 

The health of your pet has, and always will remain, the first concern of us here at the Club. 

Many of our customers dogs have had problem spots heal up practically over night because of the special attention that our grooming staff has used in treating them with spot treatments of our essential oil preparations for free. 

Larry Penland,

Canine Country Club Owner


What our customers say:


Thanks for grooming Tatum!

He turned out so handsome and smelled so good for the long car ride! Great job!

- Janine B.   


Stevie had a great time meeting

all of her new friends this weekend.

The reason I know is because she

keeps trying to get back in my car...

I'm not kidding!

  Plus, she smelled just like peppermints!

Thanks for the great job!

- Meagan M.



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